: 302-674-0100 | Service: 302-278-0918
  • Dealership Contacts 302-674-0100
    • Matthew Kersey Photo
      Matthew Kersey
      Dealer Principle
    • Charles Gianakis Photo
      Charles Gianakis
      General Sales Manager
    • Thomas Saponaro Photo
      Thomas Saponaro
      Sales Manager
    • Christine McCarty Photo
      Christine McCarty
  • Sales 302-674-0100
    • Tom Livingood Photo
      Tom Livingood
      Sales & Leasing Consultant
    • Will Sheppard Photo
      Will Sheppard
      Sales & Leasing Consultant
    • Dan Harmon Photo
      Dan Harmon
      Sales & Leasing Consultant
    • Brandon Berg Photo
      Brandon Berg
      Sales & Leasing Consultant
    • Antione Kearney Photo
      Antione Kearney
      Sales & Leasing Consultant
    • Diana Wells Photo
      Diana Wells
      Customer Experience Manager
    • Jennifer DeBernard Photo
      Jennifer DeBernard
      Internet Sales Consultant
    • Alissa Bennett Photo
      Alissa Bennett
      Internet Sales Consultant
    • Robin Cucura Photo
      Robin Cucura
  • Service & Parts 302-278-0918
    • Jordan Cover Photo
      Jordan Cover
      Service Manager
    • Paul  Razzano Photo
      Paul  Razzano
      Service Advisor
    • Daniel Bergeron Photo
      Daniel Bergeron
      Service Advisor
    • Steve Bennett Photo
      Steve Bennett
      Warranty Administrator
    • Jeff  Glanden Photo
      Jeff  Glanden
      Service Tech
    • Brian Gessner Photo
      Brian Gessner
      Service Tech
    • Kenny Williams Photo
      Kenny Williams
      Service Tech
    •  Taromes Hicks Photo
      Taromes Hicks
      Service Tech
    • Matthew Evans Photo
      Matthew Evans
      Service Tech
    • Thomas Gibbs Photo
      Thomas Gibbs
      Service Tech
    • Dullah Abdallah Photo
      Dullah Abdallah
      Service Tech
    • Adam Friday Photo
      Adam Friday
      Service Tech
    • Henry Teachley Photo
      Henry Teachley
      Service Tech
    • Tony Smith Photo
      Tony Smith
      Service Tech
    • Jim Richardson Photo
      Jim Richardson
    • Devon Riddick Photo
      Devon Riddick
      Detail Tech
    • Roy Bell Photo
      Roy Bell
      Facilities Manager
    • Mark Haislett Photo
      Mark Haislett
      Lot Attendant
    • Jonathan  Zimmerman Photo
      Jonathan  Zimmerman
      Lot Attendant
    • Josh Johnson Photo
      Josh Johnson
      Service Lot Specialist
  • Parts 302-278-0918
  • Bodyshop 302-674-0100
    • Jeff Jones Photo
      Jeff Jones
      Body Shop Manager
    • Rodney Hatfield Photo
      Rodney Hatfield
      Body Shop Assistant Manager
    • Paul Church Photo
      Paul Church
      Body Shop Tech
    • Jason Church Photo
      Jason Church
      Paint Tech
    • Kenny Connors Photo
      Kenny Connors
      Body Shop Tech
    • Ray Reddington Photo
      Ray Reddington
      Paint Tech
    • Rob Krise Photo
      Rob Krise
      Body Shop Tech
    • Tyler Bremer Photo
      Tyler Bremer
      Body Shop Assistant

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